John here. Moo Bunny wasn't hacked: I shut it off.

I don't say much around here because people sometimes hear what they want to hear - but this current circumstance does merit explanation.

A rather bizarre situation was developing over on General Discussions wherein a couple of cranks hatched a scheme to steal the site. Over the years Moo Bunny has inspired people to make their own message boards to varying degrees of success - but that's not what these degenerates were trying to do: they were going to copy all the messages at least of General and probably Amiga too, write new board software around it, and pretend to be Moo Bunny.

Their reason for wanting to do this was: I fixed a bug whereby it was still possible to read and reply to messages in a deleted thread. They were using this as their own personal darknet, I fixed it and their darknet disappeared instantly and they were rather butthurt about it. So in retaliation they were going to "liberate" the site from my horribleness. "It needs to go back to there not being any rules," they said.

Of course they could write their own board with blackjack and hookers - but they needed the messages or else no one would ever go there.

There is the minor detail that this is illegal. Something or other to do with copyright.

But rather than wait until they did it and clean up the aftermath, I decided instead to take the site offline until further notice, to consider my options. This isn't retaliation, this is protection.

Moo Bunny Amiga Section, though it has acquired a nasty reputation and has spent the last decade largely being an utter hellhole, is still valuable enough that someone just tried to steal it. I think that means it's also valuable enough to not stay down forever.

John Shepard
April 5, 2015