Moo Bunny isn't yours to take.

No. I could be polite or whatever - no. You dumb shits. It wasn't yours to vandalize and it is not yours to steal.

You wanted me to explain myself? Certain users had discovered a - presumably longstanding - bug by which it was possible to see, and reply, to messages within a deleted thread. They were basically operating their own shadow Moo Bunny. I fixed that bug on Tuesday. Wednesday everybody is screaming that I am unfairly infringing on their rights.

It was getting better on Amiga Section after I went over it with a chainsaw - which should not have been necessary in the first place. Actual discussions were happening again, imagine that. Over here? I took away your plaything and now there are discussions about taking Moo Bunny itself and making a whole other board out of it? What the living fuck is wrong with you people? You spend a decade or two constantly vandalizing my car, you don't get to say I owe you the car because I cleaned off your spraypaint.

I don't have to explain my moderation rationale. It's been up top of the page for seventeen years.

Let me clear something up. No one has sued. Dreamhost has contacted me ONCE about a message someone wanted removed (from 2010) and they explained to me that I was under no obligation to delete the message if I didn't want. I started getting serious about moderation last month simply for the same reason you'd decide to shave a beard, or clean a room once you notice a smell: it was overdue. I would have thought this wouldn't be difficult to figure out.

This is it. I don't know what else to do. I'll be putting up close messages on the other boards through the rest of this weekend and that will be the end of it. There is absolutely no reason it had to reach this point.

John Shepard
Moo Bunny site administrator since 1997
April 3, 2015